This page tries to serve those who want to start and continue reading the Bible and really understand by practicing what it contains. God shows us through the whole Bible who He is. Do we want what He offers to us? He has created us and knows what is best for us not during this short life but also for eternity.

If you are a disciple of Christ, not only a cultural Christian, then you will want to experience God in your life and find out more and more about our loving God by following Jesus Christ. We can’t really reach God and be saved if we are not in Christ. How do we know that we are in Christ who is the head of the Church? By knowing how one, biblically, becomes a Christian one should also know how one remains a disciple of Christ.

Skipping The Bible? A Terrible Idea!
If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God then you know that he is the word of God: The Bible

How do we know that we have really become and remained disciples of Christ? Why is this question very important? Can we believe for years that we have become or remained disciples of Christ, that is Christians if can’t explain to other biblically how one becomes and remains a disciple of Christ? What do you think? What does the Bible say about regarding the big question: to be or not to be a disciple of Christ?

Are you more of a cultural Christian than a biblical Christian? Why is that question so important to be able to answer properly and in a well-informed fashion.

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Ed Askmo